My background

Me @ RSD – Credits to Peter Vermaercke

I am a service designer with a background in product-service system design, acquired during my studies at the Polytechnic University of Milan. I built multidisciplinary consulting experience for the private and public sectors in Belgium, and I am now in Sweden to explore new challenges, approaches and perspectives.

Beside working, I love analog and digital sketching, cycling, singing and travelling. Last but not least, because of my 🇮🇹 roots, I also have a passion for food and cooking. 

My values


 the drive which triggers me to give my best in the work I do.


as I’m always eager to explore, experiment, learn and improve.


to craft meaningful experiences, as well as a cosy atmosphere for the team.

My skills

I’m good at 

  • Working in team. I’m a motivated, caring and reliable player.
  • Active listening. I listen to people to seek the key message.
  • Storytelling and visual thinking. I love crafting stories and believe sketching is a powerful tool to communicate them. 
  • Communicating to people, no matter if it’s a pitch or the explanation of design work and rationale. 
  • Creativity and experimentation, as a key to learn, engage and innovate. I see failures as opportunities to improve.
  • Thinking across different scales. I pay attention to both big picture and details, to ensure solutions are meaningful in their contexts.
  • Flexibility and focus on delivery. I fully commit to achieve my objectives, I easily adapt to the circumstances. 

Sometimes I may be 

  • Perfectionist. I give attention to the smallest details.
  • Introverted. Call it INFP personality or 🦀, once in a while I like some personal space to charge my batteries.

Let's have a ☕️

Drop a line to sabrina.t92@live.com