Designing web-based applications for gas management

With  Namahn

Year  2019 

For  a gas management company

The company is moving its fat client gas flow management applications to a web-based application suite. To support this transition, Namahn designed the application’s user interface to meet the users’ business needs, and ensure consistency across the applications. This process would increase the UX maturity of the IT stakeholders.


To achieve this goal, we formed a UX team at the client site. We performed user research and task analysis, screen design, development of a design system, UX coaching of analysts and developers.

My role

I was responsible for specific user flows and screens from two different back-office applications. I worked in close contact with users, business analysts and developers from the related teams. I conducted user interviews, created user flows, sketches, wireframes, mock-ups and defined the visual design, I iteratively gathered user feedback via usability testing, while enriching and updating the company’s design system. Moreover, I assisted the developers during the implementation phase and coached them to work with the design system.

In the team

  • Olivier Renard
  • Tilly De Rechter