Reinventing new service journeys to support SMEs

With  Namahn

Year  2018


The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) consists of many diverse organisations which provide support to SMEs, to help them grow their business on an international level. 

EISMEA – the EU department supporting innovation in Europe – wanted to develop a shared vision for the EEN collaboration platform, including SMEs, network partners and EEN staff. We supported the creation of the shared vision and the definition of requirements for the future network platform.


1. Qualitative research
To generate shared understanding of the current state, we conducted and reported interviews with network staff, members and clients. The research insights, presented to the project team and selected network partners and stakeholders, set the foundation for a set of co-creation activities.

2. Co-creation workshops
We ran collaborative workshops with members and stakeholders, addressing the areas of network strategy, service provision and digital strategy. “Zooming out” was an essential step in this project. Visualising the ideal EEN ecosystem was a great opportunity to gradually translate the general network vision into a clear service offering for SMEs. Specifically, we used journey maps to illustrate how European network partners would support SMEs in their growth path, while collaborating and exchanging knowledge with colleagues from other countries. The project team and our stakeholder group followed the future journey as a guiding star to shape an ambitious digital strategy, including clear goals, scope and IT principles for the network digital platform.

The project helped the client clarify their vision, better understand and communicate the IT principles and key features for their digital tools.

The future EEN network partner journey

My role

In the project, I led the field research with network partners and companies, I co-organised and facilitated the workshops, and summarised the related insights and recommendations. I was responsible for creating the visual deliverables, such as personas, journey maps, vision documents.

In the team

  • Koen Peters (project manager)
  • Kristel Van Ael (design lead)