Envisioning new ways of working for the Intercultural Cities

With  Namahn

Client  Council of Europe

Year  2019


The Council of Europe manages the Intercultural Cities Program, to which cities in the world can apply to get support for the implementation of intercultural policies.

Every year, cities and country coordinators in the network held a coordination meeting. Namahn was asked to facilitate the 2019 meeting in Odessa to “explore new modes of communication and exchange, and better modalities of networked learning and policy advocacy”.


After conducting interviews with several network members, we synthesised the related findings and prepared the session adopting a systemic approach. In the workshop, we led activities to both depict the ideal network structure, and ideate a strategy to get there.

Based on our synthesis of the session outcomes, the coordinators defined a roadmap to implement the identified activities, which would focus, for example, on improving the onboarding journey of both country and city coordinators, as well as creating regional and thematic clusters to better tailor the network service offering.

My role

I led and conducted the field studies, prepared, facilitated the session and reported its outcomes. Despite the short duration, this project allowed me grow as workshop designer and facilitator, by leveraging co-creation and good workshop design to inform the organisation’s yearly strategy in tight time constraints. The project also helped me develop a greater strategic view, by combining service and systemic design methods.

In the team

  • Stefanos Monastiridis (design lead)
  • Marie Mervaillie (designer)